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Home Inspection

To ensure you are making a smart investment, you need a professional home inspection before signing an agreement. A home inspection will uncover any potential issues, so you have a complete image of the property you are buying. Those who forgo a home inspection may regret it in the future if damaged systems need to be replaced. If a home you are interested in is over your budget, information gathered during the home inspection may help you negotiate the price.

United Inspection Group’s records indicate that more than 95% of home inspections pay for themselves. The costs we charge are typically recovered either as buyer’s assistance to cover the cost of repairs or seller-performed repairs.

Finding a Home Inspector
Many first-time home buyers don’t realize that it’s their responsibility to hire a home inspector. Your broker might recommend an inspector, but often times people turn to recommendations from trusted friends and family members when looking for a home inspector. While other people’s opinions are helpful, what’s paramount is that you hire one who is qualified.

United Inspection Group inspectors are well trained and certified individuals. Once certified, they stay up to date by taking continuing education courses and programs. Since construction technologies dynamically change, it’s crucial to be aware of those changes. Our goal is to provide the best service for the shortest period of time. We utilize the latest technologies to make sure you have the best results.

What the Inspector Should Look For?
During a home inspection, the inspector should thoroughly evaluate the physical structure of the home as well as critical internal systems. You should make sure the examination includes the following:
• Electrical systems
• Plumbing systems
• Heating and cooling systems (HVAC)
• Walls, ceilings and floorings
• Windows and doors
• Roofing
• Foundation
• Basement
• Attic
• Insulation

It is important to us to not only identify potential problems for clients, but to also provide them with a reliable repair cost estimate. Based on United Inspection Group’s experience, the severity of damage, and level of complexity, we will provide a repair cost estimate as a part of every home inspection report. On our website, you will find a complete guide of repair cost estimates for 2019.

While an inspection will give you an idea of a house’s overall condition, it might not uncover hidden problems. To minimize potential risks and maximize the transparency of the house’s condition, we offer several special inspections, such as: WDO (termite) Inspection, Mold Inspection, Radon Gas Inspection, Stucco & EIFS Inspection, and Thermal Imaging Survey*** (IR camera Inspection). Each additional special inspection should be performed by a certified and well experienced inspector.
***Thermal Imaging Survey is highly recommended by United Inspection Group in addition to a Home Inspection.

What Should You Do During the Inspection?
United Inspection Group strongly encourages potential buyers to make every effort to be present when the inspection is taking place. You can follow the inspector around the house and ask questions so you can learn more about your potential home. If you can’t be present for the inspection, you should meet with the inspector in person afterwards or have a phone conversation to go over the report in detail. If you have questions regarding potential issues or how to take care of parts of the home, feel free to contact your inspector or our office.